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"The cooperation with Melchior Neumann and Pergenz was and is excellent.

Always reliable with very good results. The whole Pergenz team is highly competent and able to translate this competence into added value for their clients. I look forward for a long lasting cooperation!"

Dr. Alexander Leberling

From our clients...

"Melchior Neumann is a visionary when it comes to community building. With his agency, he incorporates the latest knowledge from practice, directly into his consultancy. Thank you for the 1.5-hour conversation and the new suggestions for our community."
Marco I.

"The strategy discussion with Melchior Neumann gave me great ideas and impulses for building my community on Facebook. With his expertise, Melchior Neumann was able to answer my questions fully. He was also able to dissuade me from the ideas that would probably take me a lot of time. Instead, he showed me better solutions for my project. With a clear plan, now I can start building my community.

Thanks again for the great conversation!"


"The Pergenz team accompanies me for building up my online/offline community. I find this long-term collaboration as a great benefit for my business.

I praise you and thank you!"

Bastienne N.
Nutritional Psychologist from ProvenExpert

“Melchior Neumann's communication was always professional and fast. His work had an outstanding quality and many very creative aspects and details. His availability and responsiveness were fantastic. He delivered either on time or earlier. I will work with him again soon.”
from Upwork

“I have had a pleasure working with Melchior Neumann during my time at Kontist, he was building an online community for freelances and I did the same thing, but offline. Later we co-founded a not-for profit Freeliance. Melchior Neumann has a strategic mind, easy-going, but hard-working attitude. Together we managed to build a community to 4000 people and organize multiple events all over Germany- bear in mind it was a not-for-profit and we barely had any budget and had to improvise, think outside the box and use the power of community to get things done. He has a natural talent in seeing a big picture, working on multiple projects at the same time and making things happen- from scratch, with limited resources and pressing deadlines. Thanks, it has been a pleasure working with you!“
Olla Jongerius
Intercultural trainer from LinkedIn

"Working together with Melchior Neumann was super exciting, inspiring and I learned a lot. Melchior Neumann has an enormous wealth of knowledge that he likes to share, he is a visionary and a true master in concept creation. Working with him was a lot of fun. He gives you a lot of freedom and is very interested in the personal development of all employees."
Jennifer Haemisch
Projektmanagerin from LinkedIn

"The cooperation with Melchior Neumann and Pergenz was and is excellent. Always reliable with very good results. The whole Pergenz team is highly competent and able to translate this competence into added value for their clients. I look forward for a long lasting cooperation!"
Dr. Alexander Leberling
Managing Partner from LinkedIn

"Melchior Neumann held an exciting workshop with us at the 4th Paperless Conference ( about the advantages of crowd strategies in companies. As if that wasn't enough, he jumped on the main stage spontaneously, for a keynote on the subject: "Power of the Crowd" (Because a speaker could not be present due to health reasons). His sessions were so much fun. A clear recommendation from all of the organizers! Thank you very much! "
André Nünninghoff
Geschäftsführer & Paperless Coach auf LinkedIn

"Pergenz and Melchior Neumann in particular helped me a lot. I was standing in front of a big wall when it came to community building and didn't really know how and where to start - and what are the right and sensible steps. After a conversation with Melchior Neumann everything was so clear to me! Now, I have the exact plan for proceeding. Also thanks again for the many tips and tricks that I would never have come up with which I will implement directly."

"Melchior Neumann has shown a great amount of creativity and passion towards the achievements of company goals from day one of his involvement in Kontist. He has a strong understanding of customer behavior, their needs and motivations, which affected all activities he was working on.

He is a self motivated, hard working and resourceful marketing professional, and it was always a pleasure working with him and exchanging ideas and experiences.

His major strong point has always been creating engagement, individually, with our affiliate partners, as well as creating engagement in a group as the face and manager of the initial Kontist community."
Elvis Malkic
Growth Marketing & Consultant, from LinkedIn

“Excellent marketer and community builder. Lots of fantastic ideas.”
from Upwork

“Melchior Neumann came up with some brilliant ideas for our launch campaign. We are going to be hiring him long-term on upwork, and highly recommend him.”
from Upwork

“Excellent job done rapidly, with a great communication and without any delays. I strongly recommend Melchior Neumann ”
from Upwork

"Melchior Neumann and his team started with the right questions. In close cooperation, we now have a reliable partner who can deliver us measurable results. For me as a Marketing & Sales Manager, this collaboration is very valuable. We look forward to the future."
Andrés Risse, Proptech Real Estate
from LinkedIn

"I have worked with Melchior Neumann on various projects and I am always impressed by his entrepreneurial experience and his strategies for building sustainable communities. His knowledge is pure gold. I always recommend him to business partners, customers and to other podcasts. I also find it particularly exciting how he runs and develops his company Pergenz. Many entrepreneurs can be inspired by his smart vision. I am also really happy to have Melchior Neumann at my side as a sparring partner for entrepreneurial challenges. Thank you so much!"
Anika Bors, Founder of Podcastwonder
 from LinkedIn

"If you are looking for a flexible and a sustainable partner to build your community online and offline, you should work with Melchior Neumann. Thank you for the support in recent years and the successful establishment of a future-oriented community with all its aspects."
Alexander Ludwig
Sales Automation from LinkedIn

"With Melchior Neumann's support, ideas and strategies, I started the #WJdigital community project last year. From various social media channels, we were able to get over 1500 business juniors for this project, all over the world in less than 12 months. Thank you for the great support. I look forward to the next joint projects and for the further development of this particular project."
Tobias Maucher
Consultant from LinkedIn

"Having Melchior Neumann at my side while building my community is just a golden opportunity!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the many valuable tips and support that helped me to expand my community rapidly and at the same time to maintain the "quality" through skilful community management.

I am glad to have such a professional partner at my side and would be very happy to recommend you and your work! "

Bastienne Neumann
Keynote Speaker from LinkedIn

"The community is the key for new marketing strategies... With this idea, Melchior Neumann and his team helped our community to kick-off with a flying start. An online challenge made us go from 0 to 400 Members within a month, out of nowhere! And the best is the active participation and the engagement of these members. Thank you for that <3"
Marco Lachmann-Anke
Coach from LinkedIn

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