Community & Social Media

Potential Analysis

You have been hearing this:
“There is a big potential in Social Media”...

YES! There is a big potential in the social media!


Where is this potential?
Can it be implemented for my own business?
How can I unleash this potential?
How big is it?
Does it really worth it?
What can actually be achieved?
How much money I have to invest?

Stop struggling!

You might be lost with many questions in the world of Digital Marketing. But luckily, you have found us and we are here for you! We are proud to offer you our next great service: “Community & Social Media Potential Analysis”.

we can tailor a comprehensive analysis for your business!

you won’t have to lose anymore time,
especially money...

Many business owners are losing so much unnecessary time and money every year to find their way in the big bad online marketing world. You don’t need reinvent the wheel! Your valuable time should be invested on your own business! 

Not in ours! 

What is our business?!

Our business is to take good care of your business’ social media potential and show you how to use it in the most beneficial way!

We have helped many companies in a wide variety of fields, from banks and SaaS companies to e-commerce stores and startups, giving them strength and understanding of how community strategies & social media works and help execute their marketing strategies.

 You can stand among our distinguished clients:

Apply now!

What are the benefits?

  • Get a solid information about what is out there waiting for you!
  • Get to know the metrics of the social media and community related strategies!
  • Read your target group and industry’s digital marketing dynamics much better!
  • Get a professional and a strategic perspective!

What are you getting?

You are getting a comprehensive analysis that is specially tailored for you and your business. Your target audience, current situation, sector dynamics, simply every element that is related to the issue will be studied carefully with up-to-date Digital Marketing methods. As an output you will receive an analysis that can be used as a basis for your well-structured online marketing strategy. You won’t have to lose neither time nor money, trying to reveal what is not there. This insightful analysis will light up the exact potential that is waiting for you!
-CEO Melchior Neumann

What do our clients say?

"The cooperation with Melchior Neumann and Pergenz was and is excellent.

Always reliable with very good results. The whole Pergenz team is highly competent and able to translate this competence into added value for their clients. I look forward for a long lasting cooperation!"

-Dr. Alexander Leberling

To Proceed...

We need to have some information from you. Without studying your company, your target audience and your current situation properly, we wouldn’t be able to provide you in the best way. Therefore please click to the button and fill the form (do not worry if you have to skip some channels because you don’t have them yet, we are here for you to show the right way and right channels anyway): 



CEO Melchior Neumann already started using an active "community" as a core element and commonality for building his first web projects and forums in 2013. This was the beginning, the roots of The PERGENZ. 
After a few years, in 2017, Melchior Neumann already begun providing value to various clients with his competent community related services. With a sharp creativity and being constantly updated about the Online Marketing World that he truly adores, he started to develop and optimize the resources and expertise of Pergenz. 
Multiple international experts that are located in Berlin and in Munich, are taking good care of their clients' community and online marketing related tasks. All of the members are proven experts who are able to see things with a holistic and a strategic view. With these competencies' they are enabling great value for their clients from the daily tasks to a long-term strategic consultancy... 
That's what makes the PERGENZ team special! They are focusing not only for daily marketing tasks or brilliant products like this one or consultancy. With a great engagement and motivation PERGENZ is able to provide an entire package of competent services, that covers all of your business' needs that are about Community & Crowd related strategies and campaigns.   


PERGENZ ® ist eine eingetragene Marke im Deutschen Patent- und Markenamt.

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